10 ways to use your animated logo

I’m so excited to share I will soon be adding animated logos to my brand packages!!

You can read the last blog to learn about the added value an animated logo can bring to your brand if you are or planning to use video in your business. And

If you want in right now as I’m building my portfolio; before I add animated logos to my brand packages, with the bonus of a DEEP discount you can apply to be a part of my animated logo call below.

But in this blog I want to share…

Ten ways to use your animated logo!

  1. Add it to Reels and TikTok to brand your social content
  2. Create an engaging video introduction for YouTube, IGTV and educational videos
  3. Similarly, add visual interest at the end of your video in an end screen or outro
  4. Add movement to your website header or footer
  5. Use it for a video Facebook Profile to catch the scroll (don’t forget the Cover Photo)
  6. We love GIFs in Instagram Stories, why not your logo?
  7. Grab attention in Facebook and Instagram Ads
  8. Spice up your email signature
  9. And your email marketing!
  10. Wow in a presentation

Join the logo call !

To kick off this new service and in order to build a small portfolio of example animated logos I am seeking entrepreneurs who’d be willing to have their logo animated for an amazingly low introductory investment.

Here is what you could receive:

  • Your logo in a quality animation
  • An animation that reflects your brand personality and shows off your mark in the best possible way
  • Multiple HD file types to use including .mp4 and .gif with your logo in both full color and black and white
  • Multiple sizes to make sure your animated logo can be easily placed on the video you are creating like 1920 x 1080 for YouTube, Vertical for IGTV, Reels and TikTok, and Square for Instagram posts

The investment? $127. That’s it! This introductory rate over a 65% discount of the total value!

Applications have closed for the animated logo call.

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