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3 reasons standing out from the competition matters in brand strategy

I’m all for the community over competition.

But when it comes to your brand strategy you NEED to know what makes your brand different and the ‘go-to’ solution for YOUR ideal client.


  1. You connect with more of your ideal client when you speak directly to their their need that only you can solve
  2. You can better define and explain why you are their only option to solve their problem.
  3. You are able find ways to set yourself apart from your competition for your ideal client

This is part 2/4 of a series on developing your brand strategy. Read part one linked below.

1. Inspiration + Purpose

Finding your unique is part two in developing your brand strategy

Here we will look at things like:

Competitive analysis

I want to be very clear, the intention of a competitive analysis is not to compare yourself to your competition

Rather it is to understand how they are positioning themselves and their core brand so you can better explain why you are different and the best choice for YOUR ideal client.

Researching your client objectively is easier when you have specific things you are looking into.

I like to look for these things:

  1. location
  2. where they show up
  3. brand look and feel
  4. value proposition
  5. tagline
  6. products/services
  7. how their client’s speak about them (i.e. testimonials)
  8. how they acquire clients
  9. any weaknesses, similarities or differences
Client research and feedback

The better we understand our client, the better we can speak to and connect with our ideal client.  

Taking the time to talk with your client, request testimonials, and/or paying attention to their responses to you in email and social media are all great ways to accomplish a better understanding of your client, their needs, and how they speak.

Defining your brand pillars

Your brand pillars can be one of the best ways to set yourself apart.

SWOT analysis

You’ve likely heard this marketing term before – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. When you can find opportunities that align with your strengths (free from threats) you’ve found a great place to set yourself apart. This is also where the gaps lie.

Step three is where we will finally put together the pieces of your strategy. Catch that in next week’s blog.

Are you reading this thinking this sounds great, but you want more of the how?

Join me in the brand strategy course launching on April 13.

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