Before you set your dreamy 2021 business goals…

It’s time to re-align with your brand!

Now is the time of year were we begin thinking about the final push towards our 2020 goals, and begin dreaming up and planning for next year. We envision the possibilities, write down numbers we’d like to achieve, new offers we can make, places we’d like to go, the impact we’d like to make, and so much more. And it is completely natural that things may change from year to year as we grow. 

BUT HOLD UP — don’t forget about your brand! Brands get to grow with us. 

When we are not aligned to our brand our message becomes cloudy or confusing to others, and we miss opportunities to reach and serve our ideal client or customer. When we remain unaligned we don’t show up as passionately for what we are doing because we feel disconnected from it.

Each year as you begin to set those dreamy business goals, take a moment to check-in with your brand. Make sure it is also in line with the future you envision.

This workbook will help you do just that!

In this free workbook you will walk though what is important to you, the impact you want to make and your future vision for your life and business. Then, with those things in mind as a guide you’ll check-in with the core elements of your brand to make sure they still serve this vision, these values, and the impact you seek to make so that you can go on to create your amazingly dreamy business goals being completely in alignment with where you want to go AND with your brand so you can show up boldly and confidently in 2021.

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My days are filled with thinking outside of the box, dreaming big and seeing inspiration in the unexpected. I find ways to bring new life to the ordinary and solve challenges. At my core I simply love to create and explore. When I’m not sitting behind a sketch book or computer to create my next design, I am still creating with art, photography, and writing and finding inspiration through the creation of new memories and experiences. 


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