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b.Unstoppable Fitness

B.Unstoppable Fitness started with a passion for helping women to feel beautiful and confident in their strength.

The name has two meanings: BE YOU, and BE UNSTOPPABLE. When Jenni first approached me to help her design a logo for her new business I was so excited. This mission and this vision for women is something I can stand behind! 

Jenni is an Army Sargent who I met through a course I took with Kaela Gedda called Enter Entrepreneurship. Let me tell you, this girl seriously inspires me! She is smart, strong, beautiful and her passion is to help other women feel beautiful and find their strength. But not only that, she began her dream for this business and building its pieces while she was deployed. During our first FaceTime call she was overseas working.

Jenni’s vision for B.Unstoppable goes far beyond the services she currently provides, which is customized virtual and at home programs designed to reach goals and to gain overall fitness and tone, as well as in-person personal training at a local gym, CrossFit Green Bay. After our first conversation, I recapped her vision as:

B.Unstoppable is a women’s small group functional fitness (cross-fit) and personal training gym. B.Unstoppable’s goal to motivate women and help them find strength in an empowering environment; a space that is warm and inviting so that they feel like they can conquer the world. These women leave a workout feeling like they have a secret weapon no one else has and are able to create connections to support and encourage one another to push past limits without the discomfort, insecurities and cliques that a typical gym can leave these women feeling. These women are like a family to one another.

She is actually starting to create this family with an online membership community!

Exploring a bit further, Jenni defined a tagline, Grit & Grace, realizing that both grit and grace are needed for the vision she has. She also realized her military experience would be an influence on her as she began training women and showing them how they can be confident, motivated, disciplined and strong, all traits that military women gain. This was the secret weapon that she mentioned from our first conversation. Jenni wants her clients to feel empowered to be their most confident selves.

About the Logo

The color version of the logo we created for B.Unstoppable has a subtle hint to this military background with an abstract camouflage look but with three more feminine colors, as women are the client she is reaching. We wanted to make sure that the logo said fitness without having to have the word present, so the image we chose was a kettle ball. It is a weight that is often used in cross-fit, and inside of the logo icon is a subtle reference to a B and U for be you, be unstoppable. The font chosen is one that has rough edges and round corners, also representing the grit and grace. 

Find Jenni Online

Are you ready to find find your inner Wonder Woman? Jenni is your girl, be sure to give her a like on  Facebook and Instagram.

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