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Love Living Holistics Instagram graphics

Meet Emily Perkins

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of getting to know Emily while traveling these last few months through Remote Year. She is light, love and compassion and has created an amazing space for our traveling family, or “tramily” to become closer, open up and share about our individual journeys. Emily is a fierce multi-faceted entrepreneur who leads through love and helps her clients shed the outside noise to find the heart of who they are. She is a passionate holistic lifestyle practitioner for her business, Love Living Holistics, specializing in life coaching, beauty and reiki energy healing.

Creating a Media Presence

Early on in our Remote Year journey Emily and I connected and she told me about her vision of creating a larger media presence that creates connections online. This vision is in service of helping her to show up and love her clients in a big way. She shared how this might look like vlogging (which I think she would be amazing at!) or another form of her current radio show, Love Living Radio. But part of this new aspect to her business was expanding her brand and finding a consistency that encapsulated her personality, her vision and her passions.

Instagram Graphics

Where we came together first to accomplish this expansion of her brand was creating a style and look that is consistent on Instagram. Not only did Emily desire to have a similar feel to the photos she was posting, but Instagram stories is a way for her to build the media presence she is creating. I mentioned how she could create highlights to showcase aspects of her business and her life and use a cover photo to keep a consistent look to her profile. Words that she brought up to describe the feel she wanted to create were: bright, white, light, airy, and warm. She also mentioned she likes soft blush, which is consistent with her brand identity.

To help her create this feel I recommended a few Adobe Lightroom presets for the mobile app to help her easily create a consistent feel to the photos she is posting. (This is one of my tips from a previous blog: Five Tips for Easy Brand Consistency.)

Canva Template
When she has a quote or event information to share that is more than a photo, I recommended Canva. (Also a tip from the previous blog.) The templates of Canva make it easy to update and re-use while styling them to match your brand and the look and feel you desire. Emily asked me to create a template for her to use with words, or quotes. She mentioned she wanted it to be soft and feminine with a bit of sass. Perfect!

I pulled a quote she had previously used in a post by Nikita Gill to create the template, using the blush pink color for the soft and feminine feel while incorporating a font thats characteristics showed a bit of sass. The soft watercolor background also plays well with the highlight covers I was creating and with her logo, which has a similar look and feel.

Instagram Highlight Covers
For the highlight covers we discussed what she might want. We settled on four categories: Travel, Well-Being, Magic, and Treasure Hunting.

Emily loves travel! Not only is she part of Remote Year, but she spent two months backpacking through Europe after graduating college and she hosts retreats internationally, including one she is doing while we are in Spain! Living and breathing the practice of well-being, it was one we had to include for Emily and her brand. The final two were ones where she has a little fun – how can you not with category names like that?! These are the spaces for sharing her passion for energy work, her love of crystals, and helping people find their true inner being.

I found a texture and hexagon frame that also included a watercolor like background that I felt would be a perfect container for the representations of each category: waterfall, heart, sparkling star and treasure chest. For each category I created a simple custom illustration to keep the light feel and outlined it in a gold color that matches her brand identity. I included the same font as the Canva template on each highlight cover to share the category name as well.

I can’t wait to see what Emily created with each of these!


Find Love Living Holisitcs Online

Emily is an awesome human who you want to know and she has a lot of great wisdom to share. You can find her at or on her Instagram and Facebook.


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