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Shake Up Your Social Media Graphics for 2019

As we head into the new year I’m sure you are thinking about changes you’d like to make to old habits and new goals you’d like to set. It’s the time of year we consider changing things up. Why? Because the idea of a fresh start and new year gives us the feeling of possibility, and it is a great time to change things up!

As I was beginning to plan my 2019 goals for Sarah Schrader Design, I realized that 2019 will have more of an emphasis on creating content for me. That means I’m also ready to refresh of all my graphics across Facebook and Instagram too!

So to celebrate heading into 2019 and the plans I am preparing, I decided to sharing a deal for you to shake up your social media graphics game as well. I’m calling it nineteen social media graphic refreshes for 2019!


What is included?

You will receive nineteen graphics that are customized to your brand identity! That’s right – your logo, colors, fonts and images will be used to create these custom graphics to refresh your social media game while staying consistent with your brand. What that looks like is:

  • 6 Editable Canva Templates
  • 10 Instagram Story Highlight Covers
  • 3 Facebook Page Cover Photos


For those who do not have as much featured in their Instagram stories, we can swap 5 highlight covers for an additional editable Canva template or Facebook page cover photo.

  • 6/7 Editable Canva Templates
  • Instagram Story Highlight Covers
  • 3/4 Facebook Page Cover Photos

Canva templates, unless requested otherwise, are set up in a square format to be optimized for Instagram while still presenting well on Facebook. If you’d prefer to have some or all sized for Pinterest or another social media, this can be accommodated.

Nineteen graphics customized to your brand identity for $119!

This social media refresh package is a limited time offer and the 19 graphic templates and images included are a $369 value.

The special pricing of $119 is only good through December 31, 2018.


Ready to refresh your social media graphic game?

 I‘m so excited to help you shake up your social media graphics for 2019! Click that button below.  

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