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Should you use your logo as your social media profile?

You have your new logo and you love it so you want to share it everywhere. But should it be your profile picture on your business Facebook or Instagram? 

Not necessarily, at least not right now because your logo hasn’t built recognition yet.

If you have a team that is interacting with your clients, then you will likely want to use the logo as representation of your business and your team to show a cohesive group.

Not For the Soloprenuer

However, if you are soloprenuer you are very much the face of your business and people connect with people. I would recommend using your photo as your profile picture, or possibly a combination of the two, your photo and logo. But remember, it is a small space!

The reason I recommend using your picture as a soloprenuer instead is because people stop to notice faces more than they stop notice a logo. Since a person is potentially working with you having your picture as your profile will help build trust. 

Introduce Your Logo Elsewhere First

Your website, in the corner of images you post, in your marketing material, cover photo, business card, email signature…you get the idea.

Allow your logo to be present in other areas so that it can build recognition with your clients. Once people begin to connect your logo with your business then it would be a good time to consider swapping your picture for your logo.

I’ll make one exception; if you’ve built the recognition of your logo and you are a solo entrepreneur who wants to remain a solo entrepreneur without a team, leave your profile picture as you for the same reason of people connecting with people.  


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