Throw kindness around like confetti 

Earlier this year I shared a post on my Instagram and opened up about a story of a needlessly rude comment that was thrown out at me by a complete stranger. I questioned what satisfaction this person gained from saying such a rude comment to a complete stranger? Most likely that moment of feeling better about himself  would be fleeting, and he  would forget about it in less then a minute without any personal gain and only a quick laugh with the buddy he was riding with.

I quickly forgave this person, but it is comments like the one I received that make me want to share more kindness in the world. It is not hard to say a positive complement or lend a helping hand to someone in need. Often times both can even be free. So let’s throw kindness around like confetti and make it loud in our world. 

To celebrate World Kindness Day today, I created four shareable graphics for you to download for free and help spread kind messages to those around you.

I’m not going to make you put in an email for them, simply click the download button. But if you do use them on social media, I would love it if you would tag me, @sarahschraderdesign, so I can see it and like and comment on your post.  


But, for those who might have interest in emails from me, a sign-up is at the bottom of the page. ⤵️

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