The first step to develop your brand strategy

You know that feeling when something doesn’t feel right and because of that you don’t want to do it or show up for it?

That can happen with your brand too! Brands grow, evolve, and change.

When that happens, if you still find yourself trying to show up as your old brand you are no longer aligned and will likely not feel good about showing up.

Or if you do show up you might be creating confusing messages for your clients and audience.

This is why connecting with your brand is the very first step to developing your brand strategy.

Step one of developing your brand strategy: Connect with your purpose + inspiration

I say purpose and inspiration because these are the factors that will drive your brand. They create your brand core, and they look like this:

1. Your personal driver – WHY (functional + intentional)

What gets you fired up, out of bed, and doing the work you do?

2. Client archetype

Who is the client you have worked with that if you could repeat your experience of working with them over and over again you would? Think about what you enjoyed when working with them and the type of person they are – their problem, needs, likes, interests, personality, etc. – that makes them your ideal client.

3. Problem you solve

Connect with the problem you solve for your ideal client and why they need your solution. How are you offering that solution? Why are you the best fit?

4. Connection with emotion – Vision

What is the greater impact or change you are looking to ultimately make for the future? This can often look like a vision statement.

Learn more → How to Create a Vision Statement!
5. Your influence – Mission

What values are you seeking to uphold with your services or the client you serve now? This can look like a mission statement.

6. Values 

Speaking of values, what are they? What are you putting the stake in the ground for?

These elements all form the core of your brand and help shape every area of your business. That makes it a great place to start, am I right?

This is part 1/4 of a series for developing your brand strategy. Catch part two, Finding your unique in next week’s blog.

If you want to dive deeper with brand strategy, join me in my brand strategy course!

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