If you’re not sure about your brand your client definitely isn’t

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I’ve opened up 6 complimentary 1:1 spots to chat about and answer your questions on brand strategy and brand identity.

When you have a clear brand strategy you…

01. create a plan for personal connection, trust and preference of your brand.

02. define what it is that makes you unique from the competition; and why you are the best choice.

03. help guide your brand to be perceived in the way you want it.

04. get to speak your brand boldly in every area of your business to connect with your client.

    About Sarah

    Hey friend, I’m a brand strategist and designer based in Green Bay, WI. I help entrepreneurs create beautiful and bold brand identities and websites with strategy that fully express their brand and reaches the heart of their client’s needs.

    It’s strategy + storytelling meets purposeful + beautiful design.

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    Not sure if this is what you need?

    Here are a few examples of things we can cover:

    • how to develop your brand strategy
    • creating a memorable brand experience to take your brand to the next level
    • how to share your brand boldly and consistently
    • having a consistent look and feel on social media, website, and everywhere
    • Colors and fonts for your brand
    • a mini brand audit of your businesses

    Looking for more branding & design?

    If you’re ready to love your brand identity, make an impression with your website and have a confident brand strategy, let’s chat!

    I can help you craft a cohesive look and feel that fully expresses your brand, and give you the tools to show up boldly and consistently every time.

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    Do you have the#1 tool for a consistent brand?



    This checklist gives you the list of items to include in a brand style guide, making sure your brand shows up consistently every time.

    Your brand alignment workbook is on its way!